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FIRST PLACE  Awarded to  "A Shared Legacy: FOLK ART IN AMERICA"
May 4, 2015

At a ceremony held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC by the Washington Publishers Association, ASI's publication "A Shared Legacy:  FOLK ART IN AMERICA" was awarded FIRST PLACE.  The judges' recognition in the Book Design and Effectiveness Competition was received in the Illustrated Text Commercial Publisher division (tying with the National Gallery of Art’s publication on Andrew Wyeth).  The 256-page all-color publication accompanys ASI's exhibition which is currently touring with much acclaim to museums throughout the United States.

NYTimesLeadGordonImage    "Simple, but Oh, What Depths"  


    "A Shared Legacy" launches at the American Folk Art Museum
     January 1, 2015

"To a modern viewer, all this yields a captivating interplay of realism, abstraction and psychological mystery."                

The works in the exhibition "...evoke a world and a way of life that modernity has eclipsed, and yet they feel as fresh and lively as anything you might desire in the art of today."

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SEATTLE ART MUSEUM launches "Deco Japan" in its 1933 Deco building
May 10, 2014

         "Shown in our gem-like 1933 Art Deco building, Deco Japan offers you the rare opportunity to 
          experience the full range of Deco artistry in a period setting."


A few dates still remain available on the tour!  Contact ASI for details!

TIPSY by Kobayakawa Kiyoshi, 1930, ink and pigment on paper, The Levenson Collection


"An Urbane and Unexpected Leap From West to East -
‘Deco Japan: Shaping Art and Culture’ at Japan Society"

March 22, 2012

In his enthusiastic review, KEN JOHNSON finds much to celebrate in ASI's "Deco Japan" exhibition, calling it a "beautiful and sociologically intriguing show...."

He reports that: "What is striking about almost everything in the show is how seamlessly East and West and old and new are wed."

"Some objects in the exhibition blend tradition and innovation so adeptly that it would be hard, without context, to guess in what century they were made."



THE NEW YORKER magazine selects the "DECO JAPAN" exhibition to highlight in its "Goings On About Town" segment.  
February 13, 2012

The recommendation states:

The Art Deco style, which first developed in Paris, was a strong influence on Japanese arts and design between the wars—never mind the conventional wisdom that modernism took root in the country after the Second World War. “Deco Japan: Shaping Art and Culture, 1920-1945,” at the Japan Society, surveys the period, with sculptures, prints, and photographs

ALTARPIECE:  Panel of the Crucifixion, late 14th century, Victoria & Albert Museum, ASI41THE WALL STREET JOURNAL praises OBJECT OF DEVOTION exhibition and catalogue
January 11, 2012

"THE WALL STREET JOURNAL" gives a glowing review of ASI's exhibition, "OBJECT OF DEVOTION: English Medieval Alabaster Sculpture from the VIctoria and Albert Museum," and reports that 

                "...the catalogue deserves to become a popular reference book on this genre of Medieval art."



Modan bushi (The Modern Song) by K. Katani, 1930, ink and pigment on paper; NEW YORK CITY: Japan Society's DECO JAPAN Exhibit Opens March 16 
December 15, 2011

The BROADWAY WORLD News Desk reports that "A thoroughly Japanese expression of the first truly global design style -- Art Deco -- came into being in the 20s and 30s, when 
              the luxe and the low, 
              the old and the new, 
              and the East and the West 
were shaken and stirred into a unique cultural cocktail."

"Some 200 works are drawn from the Levenson Collection, the world's finest private holding of Japanese art and design from the Art Deco period."


 Object of Devotion Catalogue Wins Second Design Award
 September 9, 2011 

Art Services International is pleased to announce that the exhibition catalogue for "Object of Devotion: Medieval English Alabaster Sculpture from the Victoria and Albert Museum" has won an American Graphic Design Award of Excellence from Graphic Design USA, a leading graphic design magazine. The award honors outstanding design work across all media, and ASI is proud to recieve this second accolade for its visually stunning scholarly volume. Designed by Lynne Komai at the Watermark Design Office in Alexandria, Virginia, the book is 224 pages and includes full-color plates of all 60 objects in the touring exhibition. Essays by Dr. Paul Williamson, Fergus Cannan, Professor Stephen Perkinson and Professor Eamon Duffy are also fully illustrated. The catalogue is on sale in hosting museums and will be available on ASI's website after the traveling exhibition tour concludes.


Washington Book Publishers AwardObject of Devotion Catalogue Wins Second Place in the Washington Book Publishers
Association Design and Effectiveness Awards
June 8, 2011


ASI's current traveling exhibition "Object of Devotion: Medieval English Alabaster Sculpture from the Victoria and Albert Museum," which will appear next at the Tyler Museum of Art in Texas, has won accolades from the Washington Book Publishers Association for its scholarly catalogue. The 224-page all-color book was awarded second place in the Book Design and Effectiveness competition in the Illustrated Text category for small-to medium-sized non-profit publishers. Designed by Lynne Komai of the Watermark Design office in Alexandria, Virginia, the catalogue competed against several Washington museums to secure the second place award.



Fashioning Kimono Traveling Exhibition Featured in Macon Cherry Blossom Festival
Monday, January 31, 2011

"Fashioning Kimono" opened January 28 at the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Macon, Georigia and will run until April 10, 2011.  The exhibition will serve as a key attraction to the area's Cherry Blossom Festival, which was named one of the Top 20 Events in the South. The Museum will host visitors from the Japanese consulate in Atlanta and will also highlight Japanese pieces from its collection while hosting the exhibition.



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