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THE BRONZE ZOO: A Sculptural Menagerie


Drawn entirely from the vast collections of London’s prestigious Victoria & Albert Museum, this exhibition presents approximately one hundred artworks in bronze depicting animal subjects, beginning with the medieval period and continuing into the early 20th century.  Richly diverse, these objects highlight the enduring popularity of bronze animals – from exquisitely crafted sculpture to decorative functional items.  Fantastical hybrid creatures such as centaurs and satyrs will be seen alongside animals in scenes from classical mythology. Birds of prey and pouncing mammals appear in tense combat with the victims of their hunt. Casts taken from life demonstrate a growing desire for anatomical correctness, while the theme of pastoral rural life of the 19th-century is reflected in picturesque barnyard animals.  Among the functional objects are medieval ewers ornamented with curious creatures and Renaissance-era inkwells and candlesticks in the form of satyrs and sea monsters.  Included are works by (or after) leading Renaissance artists such as Antico, sculptor to the Gonzaga court in Mantua; the Florentine Medici court artist Giambologna; Andrea Riccio of Padua;  and renowned animalier artists such as Antoine-Louis Barye, Rembrandt Bugatti, and Herbert Haseltine.






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