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Botero Exhibit to Open at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fernando Botero, "The First Lady," 2000, oil on canvas, Private CollectionAn article in the Times Record News, Whichita Falls Online, announces the opening of The Baroque World of Fernando Botero.

"To look at the world of Columbian artist Fernando Botero, you would think the world was squished into stout, podgy, fleshy images of men, women and even tubby guitars and vases, all weighing down the world.  But there is more behind his stylized paintings of burly people and things.  Botero speaks through his art of the pretentious affectation of presidents and first ladies (like in the work on the left, called "The First Lady"). Beyond his satirization of political figures, he comments on the misery of contemporary life in Latin America."

"See for yourself in an exhibit of his work, The Baroque World of Fernando Botero, which opens Thursday at the Oklahoma City  Museum of Art.

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