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FASHIONING KIMONO: Art Deco and Modernism in Japan

The 97 kimono in this exhibition portray two important facets: they represent one of the most dynamic periods in the history of Japan's national costume, and they also depict the last historical era of the "living kimono"- when kimono was being worn by the large majority of the populace. But the kimono never lost its appeal; it remained the dominant dress form from the early 20th century until the 1940's, as it took on, little by little, a more formal meaning.  In the minds of the Japanese at this time, the kimono symbolized Japan before the war.  The exhibition includes formal, semi-formal, and casual kimono, haori jackets, and undergarments worn by men, women, and children.  The kimono are drawn from the Montgomery Collection in Lugano, Switzerland, and are featured along with a selection of period photographs on loan from the International Hokusai Research Centre in Milan.







 Dates:  April 2008 – October 2011 

April 26 - July 20
November 15 - February 15, 2009
Philadelphia Museum of Art, (Philadelphia, PA)
John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, (Sarasota, FL)
March 7 - May 17
June 6 - August 16
December 4 - January 10, 2010

Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art, Univ. of Florida, (Gainsville, FL)
Tyler Museum of Art, (Tyler, TX)
Society of the Four Arts, (Palm Beach, FL)
January 30 - April 4
July 31-October 10
October 30-January 9, 2011
Memorial Art Gallery, University of Rochester, (Rochester, NY)
Birmingham Museum of Art, (Birmingham, AL)
Newcomb Gallery of Art, Tulane University (New Orleans, LA)
January 28 - April 10

Museum of Arts and Sciences, (Macon, GA)


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