Art Services International Exhibitions


A non-profit organization, Art Services International derives its operating income from traveling exhibition participation fees and catalogue sales and from grants and contributions from private foundations, corporations, and individuals. For exhibitions from abroad, assistance is sought in the form of federal indemnities and grants from sponsoring governments.

To sustain the quality of traveling exhibitions offered by ASI and to respond to the growing requirements of museums for its services, additional funding is needed. Contributions to ASI are fully tax-deductible under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Support to ASI is passed on to museums as services and reduced fees and through the museums to the general public. Donors to Art Services International are important partners in our commitment to enhance the appreciation of art for a broad audience – visitation to ASI exhibitions exceeds one million annually. We invite your support. Sponsors may choose to identify their gift for a particular upcoming exhibition and, in doing so, are gratefully acknowledged in the exhibition catalogue and at each venue on the tour.

Traveling Exhibitions from Art Services International
Images courtesy of and used under license from the Lenders, unless another source is noted.
Art Services International Exhibitions