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IMPRESSIONS Art Journal Highlights DECO JAPAN Exhibition and Catalogue

Monday, April 1, 2013

The journal Impressions is sent annually to all current members of the Japanese Art Society of America, an organization formed in 1973 to address all aspects of Japanese art and culture.    The 2013 IMPRESSIONS contains 284 pages of articles, images and reviews, including an in-depth review of the DECO JAPAN exhibition and the catalogue accompanying ASI’s tour of the show across the United States.

Reviewer Catherine Bae writes: “…the curator and essay contributors to the “Deco Japan” catalogue identified key themes, adding greatly to the understanding of Japanese deco on its own terms…significant contributions to the understanding of this era, especially for anyone interest in the complex relationship between ideology and the arts during this fascinating period of twentieth-century Japanese history.”

Published in Impressions 34 (2013), the journal of the Japanese Art Society of America. Please visit to view the entire article.

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