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Land of the Winged Horsemen: Art in Poland 1572-1764

Extraordinary works that are a part of this exhibition were selected by thress prominent scholars in Poland's artistic community and reveal the complexity in addition to the luxury of the eastern and western influences greatly affecting the creativity expressed in Poland during this period. Highlighted are paintings, ceramics, glass, furniture, weaponry, metalwork, and textiles. Approximately 35 institutional lenders are included in the display, covering this Baroque era that lasted almost two centuries.

Dates: March 1999 - Summer 2000


March 2 - May 9

June 5 - September 6

October 1 - November 28

December 18 - February 27, 2000         

The Walters Art Gallery (Baltimore, Maryland)

Art Institute of Chicago (Chicago, Illinois)

Huntsville Museum of Art (Huntsville, Alabama)

San Diego Museum of Art (San Diego, California


Summer 2000

The Royal Castle (Warsaw, Poland)

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