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Scholar for ASI's newest exhibition to lecture in UK

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Panel of St. Edmund, Early 16th century, Alabaster, courtesy of the Victoria and Albert MuseumFergus Cannan, sculpture scholar and catalogue author for ASI’s up-coming exhibition, Medieval Alabasters from the Victoria and Albert Museum, will be lecturing at Gloucester Cathedral in October.  His presentation will concentrate on the Iconography of Kingship in Alabaster,  focusing on the tombs of Robert the Bruce and King Edward II.  He will also be formally announcing the important up-coming US tour "Medieval Alabasters from the Victoria and Albert Museum", to launch in fall of 2010 (bookings available).

The tomb of King Edward II in Gloucester Cathedral has been described as “a work of genius” (Pevsner) and is of national importance. During 2007 and 2008, which see the 700th anniversaries of Edward’s accession, marriage and coronation and the 680th anniversary of his death, there will be a special series of talks and events in the Cathedral. Funds raised will contribute to urgent and much needed conservation work on the tomb.

The lecture by Fergus Canaan will be held at the Gloucester Cathedral on October 3rd.

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