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The Cecil Family Collects: Four Centuries of Decorative Arts from Burghley House

The Fifth and Ninth Earls acquired Numerous objects and furnishings for the House, many of which are a part of this exhibition. Included are pieces of furniture from Burghley - such as an ebony and marquetry cabinet inset with pietra dura pieces (a gift from Archduke Cosimo III of Tuscany). Mythological sculptures cast in bronze and carved from marble, wood, and ivory are also displayed. Pieces from different Cecil family collections and individual works in a Burghley House setting can also be viewed.

Dates: November 1998 - March 2000


November 21 - January 17, 1999          

Cincinnati Art Museum (Cincinnati, Ohio)


February 13 - April 11

May 8 - July 4

August 1 - October 10

November 6 - January 2, 2000

Society of the Four Arts (Palm Beach, Florida)

New Orleans Museum of Art (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Santa Barbara Museum of Art (Santa Barbara, California)

Lakeview Museum of Arts & Science (Peoria, Illinois)


January 22 - March 19

Columbia Museum of Art (Columbia, South Carolina)

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