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The Chronicle Review praises The Baroque World of Fernando Botero

Friday, February 16, 2007

Fernando Botero, "Picnic," 1989, oil on canvas, private collectionThe Chronicle Review published a review of The Baroque World of Fernando Botero titled "Good and Big."  The author attempts to define the source of Botero's fascination, describing him in the following excerpt as "an artist of contradiction."
"Fernando Botero is an artist of contradiction.  He warns us against confusing realism with reality in the parallel universes that he creates, in which there is always an inconsistancy, something not quite resolved.  In this lie his strength and fascination.  To paraphrase his own words, he is a permanent artistic revolutionary without any party to which he can belong.  Yet he also seems to wear the uniform of a conservative traditionalist and represents many different things to different people."

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