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THE BRONZE ZOO: A Sculptural Menagerie

Drawn entirely from the vast collections of London’s prestigious Victoria & Albert Museum, this exhibition presents approximately one hundred artworks in bronze depicting animal subjects, beginning with the medieval period and continuing into the early 20th century.  Richly diverse, these objects highlight the enduring popularity of bronze animals – from exquisitely crafted sculpture to decorative functional items.

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HENRY MOORE:  Mother and Child

The Mother and Child theme runs through the whole of Henry Moore’s work.  It is his most fundamental obsession, and the one that brought out the best of his considerable talents. The earliest example dates to 1922 when he was still an art student, and in his eighties he stated that he still wanted to make more works on this subject.

The centerpiece of this exhibition is the set of eight stunning tapestries on the theme of ‘women and children’ commissioned by Moore and hisdaughter.  The tapestries were woven by specialist craftspeople between 1976 and 1979, and then shown to great acclaim at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum in 1980. The drawings, prints, small and intimate terracotta and bronze sculptures that make up the rest of the exhibition cover the period from the birth of Moore’s only child, Mary, to that of Moore’s first grandchild, Gus.  Considered together, these works  allow the viewer to see how Moore handled the Mother and Child theme, and the Family Group --subjects so close to his heart.  The majority of the object are from the family’s collections, and have never been seen in such numbers before.



AUSTRALIAN ICONS:  Two Centuries of Indigenous Shields and Early Paintings from the Wilkerson Collection

 NATURE, ZEN AND ABSTRACTION:  Nine Centuries of Japanese Art from the Montgomery Collection, Lugano

 RAVISHING BEAUTY: The Art of Tissot and Helleu

Jean-Jaques Tissot (1836-1902) and Paul César Helleu (1959-1927) devoted much of their lives to the pursuit of beauty, though each approached it with his own individual obsessions. Tissot was fascinated by clothing, the texture, shape and fall of fabrics and the details of settings.  Helleu employed the simplest of lines to capture human sentiments: fleeting expressions from playfulness to challenge, from concentration to sleep.  This exhibition explores the intimate preoccupations of these two artists through 100 superb drawings and prints selected from private collections in Europe.


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